Cable Coil Winding Machine Equipment

Qipang machinery 's production line have covered variety types of winding machines,
whiles 630/800 cable rewinding machine  are the most competitive machine among of these  . 
  It can match the assembly line , from large spool to small spool.  Application material: electric wire, optical fiber and cable , polyester yarn, cotton thread, rope, steel rope wire  and other metal wire. 
Yarn/ Textile Winding Machine

Yarn/ Textile Winding Machine

We mainly provide High Quality Yarn/ Textile Winding Machinet ,Yarn/ Textile Winding Machinet China, Yarn/ Textile Winding Machinet Factory, Yarn/ Textile Winding Machinet Manufacturers, Yarn/ Textile Winding Machinet Price.Welcome to choose,great discount is waiting for you!

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Qipang Company Main products: Cable Wire Winding Machine , Electric Wire Rewinding Machine , Optical Fiber Coil Winding Machine , Wire Take-up and Pay-off Machine, Yarn Winding Machine , Cone Bobbin Rope Winder Machine, , Meter Counter , Wire Accumulator/Dancer ,Spark Tester Machine, Automatic Coiling and Packaging Machine, Rolling Ring Drive , Traverse Unit , Wire Guide Rollers, Rolling Ring Linear Drives, Small Coil Transformer Winding Machine ,CNC Motor Winding Machine, Electric Motor Winding Machine, Automatic Plastic Pipe Winding Machine, Network Cable Coil Winding and Binding Machine.

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These selected machines are being listed out according to best-selling ranks and comments from our satisfied customers. 

Shanxi QIPANG GP30-LX hot sale adjustable sing pitch with dial PX30 rolling ring traverse drive manufacturers

PX60 polished shaft rolling ring drive GP60-LX with high quality discount price QIPANG

QIPANG GP3-40 aluminum wire polished shaft rolling ring drive PX40 economical Shanxi suppliers

QIPANG PX20 type copper wire rolling ring linear traverse drive GP20-LX wholesale

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7KThe factory covers an area of 7000 m2
10kAlready 10k devices operating worldwide.


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Qipang 70 extruder machine assembly line equipment supplier
Qipang 70 extruder machine assembly line equipment supplierScrew parameters:Diameter: B / M screw of Ф70mm extruder.Mat···
Elevating tension wheel-type straightening machine
Elevating tension wheel-type straightening machineParameterLine out straight, can be adjusted according to the needs of ···
Adjustable width and narrow guide wheel with high hardness for 1-13mm
Adjustable width and narrow guide wheel with high hardness for 1-13mmparameter:1-13mm adjustable width guide wheelwire ···

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