Qipang 70 extruder machine assembly line equipment supplier

Publish Time: 2020-12-03

Qipang 70 extruder machine assembly line equipment supplier

Screw parameters:

Diameter: B / M screw of Ф70mm extruder.

Material: 38CrMoAIA alloy steel, B / M type, full tooth nitriding treatment, surface hardness above HV950, its characteristics are large extrusion amount, plasticization degree 100%.

Length to diameter ratio: 26: 1.

Speed range: 0 ~ 100rpm.

Extrusion amount: 130KG / H. (Open head, soft PVC).

Screw cylinder parameters:

Material: SACM aluminum chromium manganese alloy steel, nitriding treatment, precision grinding in the cylinder, the hardness of the inner surface of the screw cylinder is higher than the screw peak hardness R2-R3 degrees

Equipped with 30KW AC motor.

The center height of the unit is 1000mm.


Imitating Italian reduction gearbox, precision ground, forced oil lubrication and cooling, with anti-wear and low noise characteristics, special for 70 machines.

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